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Hello girls,

today is my first day since I use FitDay calorie counter. I use this app on the web, but I was wondering, do you use FitDay on mobile phone and PC's as well? What do you think about it, which one is better and easier to use?

I really think that is really useful to have FitDay on both devices, but I want to know what do you think about it? 

Is this totally the same, or there are some differences between it?

I don't have this one on my phone at this moment, but maybe I will download it as well.




I do use on mobile phone and my PC. It is much easier to use it on PC, but I like to have this app on my phone, just in case. Basically, this is totally the same, there is a little difference in it, but the principle is totally the same.

FitDay on PC is much clearer, easier and has a lot of ads that you can download totally free. In phone that is not a case, but it is useful as well. For example, when you go somewhere on the trip, you probably won't take your laptop with you. You have phone and you can follow your calorie intake there as well.

I love both, but I prefer PC.




Good day all,

I do have FitDay app but only on my smart phone, because I don't use PC or laptop so much. I take my phone everywhere, it is always with me, and that is just one more reason because I will give advantage to FitDay on mobile phones. Of course, I know it is much better on PC, because it has a lot of things that I can't download on my phone, and it is much clearer on the bigger screen than on small, but I don't know :) I just love to use it on my phone, there is a bigger chance that I will follow and keep in track with my calorie intake :)

And, I know that I am not the only one :)

Have a nice day!