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Hey people,

So I have been wondering, anyone here tried „Every other day diet“? So, I am not quite sure about it, how it works, so I am asking for any help from you guys.  As far as I have heard, this diet allows me to eat all the time, but half of my meals :) It seems so cool, but as I am saying, I am not sure :)

I know some people who are satisfied with it, I was wondering are you satisfied as well?

Let me know what do you think. I appreciate your answers :)

Have a nice day! 


I have tried it. None of those things that they are saying to you are false. I was on this diet two weeks and I didn’t lose any pounds. Not satisfied with it at all.  I have my weight point, but every other day diet didn’t help me at all to accomplish it.

Anyway, I don’t know how possible I could eat fiber foods in every my meal, or to watch less television, like they say to us.

I quit this diet program after two weeks, and I don’t have any will to try this one again.

My advice is that you find the better one.



And again, I don’t agree with you! I will tell you why!

Come on, you have tried to follow this diet program ONLY two weeks? It is not even possible to think that you can lose a lot of pounds in two weeks. Unbelievable! It can’t work that way because your organism is not used on it as well. We are talking about short time in here. You can’t do nothing in a few days!

Now, I am saying this because I have tried this diet program and it is easy to follow. It is made to be easy for everyone who wants to start follow this diet program.

You can say your opinion, that is OK, but you can’t say that this one is correct, when you don’t know. And you don’t know.

Try it, that is my honest advice.

It is good!