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Good day folks,

does anyone here have any meal plan for Fit Day diet journal? I know that this one has some amazing reviews, and I know that I can buy this application and then, I can download it on my smartphone, which is really great, because my smartphone is always around me. 

Do I need to create my own meal plan for Fit Day diet journal, or I can find one that already exists? 

So, girls and guys, if you do have any meal plan, please tell me in here, and share with us. I am sure that you will make us happy with that move :)

Best wishes. 


I would call this one a great fitness and nutrition program! I have this app on my phone and since I have this one, I am able to track my calories perfectly! It is not expensive, and it is really effective. 

I believe there are some meal plans for Fit Day diet journal, but according to my experience, the best way is to make your own. You will know what to eat, how much and when!

Basically, Fit Day journal is a way to make your own meal plans for each day.

But, if you really need some plan, I will tell you mine, but I believe that you already have one that you made alone.




Good day!

I know a lot about what I am eating, how many calories, etc. But, I was thinking that maybe there is some diet plan that I can use.

So, basically, all I need to do is to make one on my own. It is easy, I think. I just need to count calories, and to see is that OK. My doctor told me that can ear about 1300 calories per day. This is totally ok, sometimes I just can't eat that much at all.

I was wondering, is there maybe some good recipes for Fit Day, or not?

Tell me as much as you know. 

Thank you! 




no there are no recipes, because this is not a diet plan, this is a simple calorie tracker. You know what you eat, you know how much you can eat per day, and that is enough for you to make great plan and to stick to it. That is basically all philosophy. You need to eat healthy, you need to work out and that is it. That is the only recipe i know and I follow it as well.

So, you need to be strong and stick to your calorie intake, and you will see that is easy. 

I hope that this advice is helpful to you.

Have a nice day!



Good afternoon,

OK, that is the same that I was thinking. I didn't know, you know, maybe there is some meal journal for everyone who wants to use this app for the first time :) I am trying to eat as much healthy as I can, and sometimes I do count my calories, but sometimes I just skip, because I don't have a lot of time for that. I see how this app can be useful to me, especially if I follow these simple steps - basically, I can make my meal plan for tomorrow and that would be amazing.

I started today with this, I have my account on their web site, and now  I will download app on my smart phone :)

Thank you for being kind :)