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I suffer from obesity almost all my life. I tried at least 100 different diets and neither of them helped.
Why? I don’t know! I only know one thing: when I’m trying a new diet it is only attractive for a first couple of days but later I loose my faith and my gourmand instincts start to show.
I suffered a lot of embarrassment in my life because of that. I even once started to eat at all and after three days I ended up in E.R. Do you people have any suggestions for me?


I realized that your problem isn’t in diet, but in your character. What you need is someone to supervise you and your lifestyle.
I assume you’re not interested to pay a nurse to supervise you 24/7h and because of that I have one very attractive and effective advice for you.
I don’t know did you hear about Fitday?
Fitday is new online tool, which is designed to help you achieve your nutrition and weight loss. I think it is a first that kind on market.
I know it sounds funny and not possible but what can you loose? It has food journal, exercise log, calorie counter and weight loss tracker. This is a good way for you to control your self and, for the first time-make some progress!