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Good day folks,

I was reading about weight loss success with Dr Siegal's Cookie diet plan a two weeks ago. I wonder anyone here doing this diet? How cookie diet actually works? I have tried Dr Siegal's cookies and they are very tasty. Just like the other cookies, except they are healthy.

Anyone here who can give me some tips about this diet? Maybe you can write any meal plan, where you are going to tell us what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, what cookies I need to eat one day, and what cookies some other day, etc.

Please, give some advice. 


Girls what's up?

I am doing this cookie diet. I started with it two weeks ago. Basically, each cookie contains around 60 - 90 calories. You eat it every two hours. According to Dr Siegal, you don't have breakfast or lunch, you just have to eat dinner that contains around 500 – 700 calories. Usually, dinner is a vegetarian meal with a lot of vegetables. It is simple, you have to agree with me.

The cookies are delicious. Of course, they don't taste the same as these chocolate cookies from your local bakery, but they are fresh and they fill you up.

I see some progress and I am happy.

Have a nice day!



Hi darling,

I am interested in the Dr Siegal’s cookie diet as well. But I am not sure is this a right diet for me because some girls suggested me to don’t even try it. I like the idea to lose weight eating cookies, it seems so unreal to me, but if it works, I think there is no better diet for me.

Yesterday I have tried chocolate diet cookie, and it is ok. I can’t say that is amazing, but edible.

Can you imagine yourself to eat these cookies every day, every two hours, and have just one genuine meal, a dinner?




Good evening, how is going?

Well, you don't have to be afraid to try this diet. As I told before, I am doing it and I see some progress so far. I don't regret even one second for being on this diet right now.

So far, I just love this cookie diet. After the first week of doing it, I really felt full and that is ok for me. I don't eat that much anymore.

It is a low calorie diet, but is it safe? I think so. I am healthy and sometimes I eat just 900 calories per day.

This is my fresh experience so far.

Talk to you latter!



Hello girls,

Seriously? Are you eating only up to 900 calories per day??? OMG, girl, are you trying to destroy your health and your body? I respect any diet on this world because I have tried anything and everything, but this is just not ok!

Why am I saying this to you? Because I am a person who had really imperil health eating above 800 calories per day. This is too low.

I really hope that this is not a lifetime diet for you because you can have serious problems in a few years. I don't know, I think this is totally wrong. That is my opinion.

Keep in touch




wow, that is really small calorie intake, I must notice. Darla, I am so sad to hear that, I hope everything is OK right now.

I must say that I am not sure is this diet low fiber or high fiber or even a protein? It just can’t be both. I am confused. Can anyone explain this to me?

I also have tried these cookies. I think they are a little bit expensive and they are not that delicious. My friend lost weight thanks to these cookies, and she is satisfied at the moment. She told me to try this as well, but I am not so interested right now.

Keep posting 




good Lord! I can't believe that you can be healthy eating just 900 calories per day. That seems so impossible. Is that even healthy? I don't think so!

I am still willing to try this out. My husband have lost 8 pounds in just 6 days! That is amazing. I think this is a sweet diet. I also have seen  a lot of inspirational stories in real life. I told to myself :“Why not“! Chocolate cookies are so delicious, and dinner is a really great reward. Tell me, can I eat frozen meals for dinner or do I need to cook my dinner?

I will try this diet. Wish me good luck!



Good day,

Hm. I don't see what is the problem because I eat up to 900 calories per day, when I feel just fine and healthy? What can be wrong with this process? As long as I am happy and healthy, I will continue to follow this diet and eat these amazing cookies.

My body can't react the same as yours! For example, my sister has gained weight eating these cookies.

But I feel fine and I see a great progress so far. As long as I can, I will eat up to 900 calories per day because that is just fine for my body.