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Hello everyone. I’ve been searching for some weight loss product for about a month now. I am not very physically active and I am incapable of following a healthy diet plan, so this is the only solution for my problems.

I’ve made a list of weight loss products and I was about to choose one of them. I started by eliminating the others and the list came down to 5 of them.

 My friend suggested I should put Proactol Plus on the list too. I actually don’t know anything about it.  

Can you tell me how does this product work for weight loss?


Hello SabrinaD.

I am familiar with Proactol Plus. It is actually just an advanced version of Proactol. 

It works both as a fat binder and an appetite suppressant. I’ve read many positive reviews online when it comes to this product, so I’d say it works. I’ve never tried it though. 

It has this fiber complex that accordingly has been proven to bind up to 27 % of the fat that we take with food. 

And it also reduces hunger cravings since it works as an anti depressant. 

That is a short story. I don’t think that anyone needs more details than this. 



I know a few things about this, I am glad that I can help. And I am also glad that reading an article about this few days ago was not a total waste of my time. So, hear me out. Master22 said it work as a fat binder. And that is true. The main target of this product are fat molecules in the food we eat. The fiber gets attached to the fat in our stomach and our body is unable to break down all the consumed fat, only a part of it. The rest is going to exit our body through stool.  That is how less fat enters our bloodstream and we end up losing weight.



@Julietteee Yeah, that’s true. Looks like we read the same article. :) I just thought there is no need to write all of that since people are usually interested to know only the shorter version.

 But everything you wrote is true and that’s exactly how it works. 

You mentioned that fiber attaches itself to the stomach fat. Let me just add that it forms a gel-like substance. 

The body takes long to digest that substance and to excrete it. That makes us feel full longer than usual and therefore our appetite is suppressed (which makes this product a successful appetite suppressant).