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anyone here used adipex diet pills? I have and I will share my experience with you. Ok, here we go.

I lost 27lbs with diet and exercise for about nine months. It was hard and then I started to gain some weight back. I was so depressive. One more bad thing is that I had to work almost whole day. You just can imagine what happens when you put together stress and fast food. I visited a medical clinic that prescribe adipex diet pills. It was great. But, soon, I had a lot of side effects (insomnia, angered, etc). At first, I have lost some weight and then it just stopped.

Do you have any idea what could happen?



Good day!

Oh darling, I had the same side effects as you. It is horrible! Generally, pills are not that safe. Adipex diet pills are great for weight loss, but they are not ideal thing. I was using them, and I have lost about 16 kilograms for just three months! I don't need to describe my happiness. But, soon I started to feel so weak. I started to lose my hair as well! Those days were the worst days of my life.

I throw the pills away and started to eat healthy and exercise. Now, I feel much better.

Adipex diet pills – never again!