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Hi there,

anyone here on Tim Ferriss slow carb diet? I have found out a lot of things about this diet, but I need to hear your experience. Can you tell me some guides that I need to respect on this program? I also have heard that this diet is very easy, and I really like these easy diets :), but I am a little bit skeptical. I don't know is this true?

Share with me some tips, guides, anything that can help me.

I really hope that you have some nice experience.

Tell me everything.

Tnx, keep in touch!


Hi, how is going?

I have tried this diet. My suggestion is – go for it ;).

Yes, this is a very easy diet, but you need to respect every step to see good results. I can tell you some rules that you need to follow.

  • you should avoid white carbs,
  • skip fruits, don't eat it,
  • eat the same meals every day,
  • don't drink calories,
  • choose one day to "cheat".

If you follow these tips, you will lose weight. Trust me! I have lost over 26 kilograms five years ago, while I was on a diet.

Try it, that is my advice.

Talk to you soon!



Hello there,

amazing! Thank you. But, do you have some recipes to share here with me? I am really curious. That is a really nice result,  congratulations!

So, basically nothing can stop me now to start follow this diet. That is a great thing :)

But, if you have any recipe, share it with me. I would be really happy.

One more thing – how many days or months do you need to follow this diet? Is there some specified regime or not?

I really love these slow carb diets. I think I am going to like this one.

Do you agree with me?





I must say that I love this diet. It actually works amazing. I would not call it a diet, I would like to call it a great, healthy habit. Healthy lifestyle. Slow carb meals can't be wrong decision, right?

If you want to start with this diet, you can find a lot of recipes online. Trust me, once you try this diet, you will be thrilled. I know, because I was. Actually, I am still :)

If you can't find recipes online, please let me know. I would like to help you with this.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner – never mind! Just ask.




Hi there,

thank you darling! Yes, I don't know so much about this diet and about meals generally, so it would be nice if you share your recipes and experience with me. I think I know what I can eat (fruits, vegetables, chicken and turkey breast, drink water), but I don't know is there any specific way to prepare or combine these meals.

I see that you have a nice things to say about this diet, so I think that you know more about this discussion then I do :).

Keep telling me about this diet.

Keep in touch! Thank you!



Hi girl,

of course I can help you and tell you what to eat and what to avoid.

Eat proteins: beef, chicken, chicken livers, eggs, goat, lamb, pork, red fish, salmon, sardine, shellfish, tuna turkey;

Vegetables: mixed vegetables, celery, olives, onions, peas, peppers, red cabbage, tomatoes, garlic, mushrooms, eggplant, cauliflower, broccoli, avocado, etc.

You can use spices as well, such as anise, chilli papers, cinnamon, oregano, paprika, salt, hot sauce, fish sauce, coconut milk, soy sauce, etc.

See, all these ingredients you can combine to prepare amazing meals.

You just need to be creative :).

Good luck with food preparation and diet :)



Good day!

It is easy to follow this diet. I have one amazing recipe that I make almost every week for breakfast or dinner. It is delicious and tasty.

You'll need following ingredients – chopped cabbage, one whole egg, one white egg, chopped tomato, paprika, chopped onion, mixed herbs and sea salt.

Mix all ingredients together on one big bowl. Heat a pan on medium heat. Drop mixture into the pan. Cook on one side, then flip, and then cook on the other side. You need just 10 minutes to prepare these pancakes, usually you will get four of them.

Enjoy your mini vegetarian pancakes.




nice recipe Inga80. Thank you for sharing. I have one amazing as well. I really hope that you will try this one, and let me know if you liked it. Let's make an omelet muffins!

You need following ingredients: six eggs, half cup of cooked meat, half cup of diced vegetables, salt, ground pepper, a little of mayonnaise, cup of water, onions, cheese and drained salsa. I don't think I need to tell you how do you make muffins. It is easy and the procedure is the same for every muffin recipes.

Bon appetit, enjoy your meal. Tell me what you think.