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Hello guys,

first, thanks for posting, just keep it up! Second, I really want to use adipex diet pills. I will go to consult with my doctor, of course. But, there is one more thing that I need to know. What food I should eat while I am using Adipex diet pills? And  what food should I avoid during this process? Can I eat cereal, oats, bananas, turkey, chicken, tomato, lettuce, apple etc? What about green tea, water, lemonade? Can I grab some snack? I have some eating plan, and I will also ask my doctor some question about it.

Please people post your opinions! Thank



yes, u can eat all food from ur diet list. Do u even know how this pills works?





well, I don't really know how these pills actually can help me. I know I need to consume about 1000 calories per day, and to exercise 3-4 times a week. I will eat my healthy food, without gluten, bread, junk food, chips, sugar, bakery items, pasta, simple carbohydrates, alcohol...I will drink water, green tea, lemonade, beetroot and carrot juice.
That is my plan, but I don't know is it good? I would like that you post me your opinion, your experience.
I never used any pill before, I don't have any health problems. I am healthy, but fat. And that is my only problem.

Thank you


Hello darling,

one thing is really important, and you need to know it. If you are so desperate, you should always see a doctor first, before starting any diet program ,weight reduction program etc. Diet pills shouldn't be used to replace a diet and exercise.

I know this, because I am also overweight, but with some small health problems. For every big step in my health life, I am going to see my doctor. That is the smartest thing you can do, trust me. Your health is important. And, there is always a way to lose your weight and to stay healthy.

Good luck!