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First off, I would like to say Hi to everybody as this is my first post. I tried posting on another forum, but that forum is extremely slow moving and I'm impatient. So, here I am!!

Currently I'm a college runner and while yes I do have trainers, coaches, and teammates to ask questions, sometimes that other opinion is the best, and people online generally listen to you rather than saying "Run through it." I work at a specialty running shoe store every once in a while, so I know my stuff when it comes to shoes. I may not know the names of most of the shoes, but concerning support, pronation, and cushioning, I pretty much know all I need to know to be able to help other people into the shoes they need to be in.

Anyway, on to the good stuff. For a couple years now, I've had an arch problem. I don't know what sparked it. I run in Mizuno Wave Creation/ Wave Riders, and I've run in them for a good six or so years now (I think). (Not the same pair of shoes, simply the same line.) I'm almost a supinator, meaning I wear slightly off center to the outside of my shoes. (I strike correctly, but I don't get enough roll inside to wear down the middle of my shoes.) I used to just run in just the Riders, but when I started getting arch problems I did two things. First and foremost, I went and bought arch supports. I wear the green superfeet. (If I am correct, the green have more support than the blue superfeet) And after about a month, my arch problems went away, which was awesome. For the next year or so my arches were fine. Well, actually I only have AN arch problem, only my left arch ever bothers me, never my right. But I figured running with one support wouldn't be good, and my right has never given me a problem.

Anyway, in the fall probably two years ago or so, my arch started hurting again, not that bad, but during the winter it got worse and worse, so I ran through it because I was told to, and in the spring it got better (just like it is now.) It didn't bother me all summer (probably due to the fact that I run a lot less in the summer.) So a this fall, when my arch started hurting again, I decided that maybe it was my shoes, so the next time I bought shoes I bought some Riders, and the Creation. The Creation had slightly more support, and a Bunch more cushioning. Surprisingly, that fixed my problem. I was switching shoes every day, Riders on workout days and Creations on recovery/ long run days. That worked, for a while.

Then about in the middle of the winter my arch starts hurting again, and this time I conclude that it's my arch supports, since I haven't replaced them since I initially bought them about two years ago or so. (The actual support mostly comes from plastic, with a layer of cushioning on top so I figured, yeah the cushioning might crush a little bit, but the support will always be there. Which in fact it still is, but to a slightly less degree.) So I go to the trainer's room and I got this sticker pad thing to put under the arch support for EXTRA support. That worked for about a month, then the pain came back. I'm not home so I can't really go buy another set of arch supports right now. And basically I've given up, I have no idea where this pain is coming from, why it only comes when it's cold out, and why it's only in my left foot. I have no other little tricks to work around it. I have no idea anymore. I just ordered new shoes, the new Defyance by..... Asics? I think? (I trust the owner of the shop that I work at to sell me good shoes) and a set of creations simply because I loved them (A pair of lighter shoes and a pair of heavier more cushiony shoes), so hopefully the new shoes will solve my problems, but I'm sure they'll come back eventually. The problems always come back way before the shoes are at the end of their life as well, so I can't just replace my shoes every time my arch hurts. I don't know what to do. My trainer says that I just need support, but that obviously doesn't solve my problems.

I've tried doing exercises for Planar Faschitus (I can't spell), but it just seems to make the pain A LOT worse when I'm running, and I simply can't do that. It already hurts to the point where I have to stop sometimes and wait for it to go away. Oh, and another interesting tid bit, sometimes when it'll hurt, I'll stop for probably a minute or two, and it'll be fine for the rest of the run. It won't hurt at all. Other times I'll stop and it'll still hurt the whole rest of the run. Some days it hurts, some days it doesn't. It's just so freaking unpredictable it's making me angry. If any of you have any ideas what it could be, or how I could fix it, please let me know.

Sorry for being so long winded, I figured I'd tell you guys all of the information now instead of being asked a million questions later.

EDIT: I Forgot to mention that my left shoe (problem foot) is worn more on the heel that the right shoe is.


I just want to start off by saying that I'm not a hard core runner. I ran when I was in high school, which was a long time ago. About 2 years ago I picked it up again. I started off slowly with a walk/run program and have been pretty regular ever since. I run mostly to try and keep my weight under control. About a year ago, my left heel started having terrible pain. I was limping even while just walking. I had tried running inserts and I was even putting thick foam in my shoe under my left heel. I was browsing around the internet hoping for some help when I stumbled upon some website. These inserts are around $30.00 with shipping and they have a 3-month money back guarantee. I thought I couldn't go wrong with at least trying them. They felt really weird at first, but after just a couple of weeks, my foot pain was pretty much gone. I wear the inserts in all of my shoes and I'm back to running, with no foot pain whatsoever. I know how miserable foot pain can be. It's worth a shot.