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The search function didn't turn up anything relevant, so here goes:

About a week ago I noiced an ache in my right foot. About 2" below the ankle. Not a sharp pain, but a dull ache (like a lump). Feels like it may have swelled, but doesn't look like it. It's pretty much constant - I feel it when I walk, etc.

I took a rest day yesterday and just aborted today's run. I may skip the rest of the week and try my long run (16 miles) on Sat.

I'm not looking for a medical diagnosis, just some ideas. Is this just a straight over-use injury? Wrong shoes? Need more stretching? All of the above?

I'm hoping a few days off will help but I'm not confident it will. And with seven weeks to the marathon there's little flexibility in my schedule.

:( :( :(


The only thing that rings a bell for me is plantar fasciitis. Try flexing the toes back and feeling for the tendon (?) in the arch. Applying a bit of pressure on it may cause some discomfort, which could point to PF.

You may want to try some light arch support - just enough to cup the arch. It could offer a wee bit of support to keep your foot from possibly overflexing.

Other than that, try the RICE and foot stretching. Good luck!


One more thing. You may want to either push out your long run or replace it with a series of shorter runs. This will help the foot recover more.


Plantar fasciitis bites the big one. I struggled with it for nearly two years once. A few things that finally broke the cycle for me. You really do need to be sure you're in the right kind of shoes. For me, it took a professional gait analysis by a physical therapist marathoner buddy of mine to show that indeed I was an under-pronator and needed cushion shoes. For years I'd worn supportive shoes since I swear, 25-yrs ago when I started running I over-pronated. So heck, over all those years, I think the shoes eventually motion-corrected. Anyway, yes, step one is to be sure you've got fresh shoes that are right for your feet.

Then secondly, when you get the shoes, I like to toss the 'sock-liner' that comes with them. Buy a 1/2-size bigger than you normally do, so you can fit in a good pair of insoles. My favs are the Sof-Sole Arch-Plus. They have great cushioned support for your arch. There are tons of rigid arch support insoles out there, but egads, I tried running with them once and ouchie, there not meant to run in.

Okay, so we got your run covered. Then, what I've found recently to wear around the house are Adidas Santiossage. They're a slide/slipper but the inside of them are covered with little nubs that massage your arch, the whole bottom of your foot really, but man alive, those are the greatest arch relief to have on when you're just milling around the house.

And during the rest of the day, post-run and pre-run, to subside any arch aches, I found these to to do the trick. We all know the old injury acronym R.I.C.E. (rest, ice, compression, elevation) and the often overlooked component is compression. These arch wraps do just that. They provide compression through the day and keep the pain of swelling from happening.

Probably the worst time of the day for plantar fasciitis is during the night. As you sleep your foot relaxes and the injury in your arch starts to heal. But the problem is that healing happens to ever so slightly shorten your arch because your foot is loose all night and when you take that first step in the morning, it's often painful because again, some microscopic tears are happening in that newly healed tissue. So again, trial-and-error over two years,

Wear injury sock all night as you sleep and when you wake up, your arch has had time to heal while being ever so slightly stretched all night long. It's just a great product, I've recommended it to probably two dozen other runners the past few years and they've all gotten great relief by using it. And ultimately gotten back on the road running, breaking the heal/re-injury cycle of plantar fasciitis.

Okay, so those are all the biggies. Some of the other things I've done to get minor relief are, of course, icing. Take 20-oz soda bottle frozen with ice and roll that under your arch for 10-minutes at a time for as many times as you can stand it. And another therapy I found helped was to have at my desk a golf-ball to absent-mindedly roll under my arch when I'm at work as a type of massage.

So there you go, the jrjo prescribed arch ache remedies. Combine all those with avoiding concrete, minimizing asphalt when you run. Find the gravel roads, wood chip trails and grass parks you can. Those surfaces will do wonders for keeping your feet happy.

G'luck and let us know how it progresses. :)