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Few weeks ago I had mastectomy. Although I was terrified, procedure went well, thank God. The day when I woke up after operation I will celebrate as my new birthday. After denial stage when doctors told me that I will lose my breast due to cancer, and fear for my life, nightmare is finally over and I can continue with my life. I'm now stronger and more confident than before.

Only one thing remains from operation - annoying pain. My doctor told me that exercising can help and recommended me some exercises. Does anyone here know some more exercises for easing pain from mastectomy?


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Hello, Maddy.

I congratulate you on your positive attitude. Many people have difficult time accepting that kind of misfortune in their life. 

As for your question, before doing any exercises, you need to follow some usual guidelines : wear comfortable clothing, do your exercises twice a day, do 5-7 reps, take a shower before exercising so your muscles are warm, and go from laying position toward standing up. 

Ok, I’ll describe you one exercise for each position - laying, sitting, and standing up.

Laying: elbow winging - put your hands behind neck with your elbows pointing toward the ceiling and move elbows apart and down.

Sitting : side bending – (you can do this exercise in chair), lift your arms gently over your head, straightening them, after that lean to the left, then go back in zero position, then lean to the right.

Standing up : shoulder stretch - stand near the wall and put your hands on it, now pretend that you are "climbing" onto it, reaching as high as you can, and stretching.

Remember to stop if you feel some swelling, sharp pain, dizziness, headache or similar symptoms. Also, if you experience anything from that list, consult your doctor.

Good luck!