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I've been researching a lot of information about our specific situation but I can't seem to come to a solid conclusion, so maybe someone can help us.

My girlfriend and I had unprotected sex a few times (shes not on bc) and I pulled out every time, but she still got pregnant. She did the home pregnancy test too early so it came back negative. But then she had her period that was a week late, lasted only 2 days, discharge very thick in consistency, dark red in color and accompanied by a lot of pain in her abdomen.

After this, she was feeling nauseous and having all the pregnancy symptoms so we went to the doctor and she was tested for her HCG level and the doctor said HCG was present but lower than normal and that it was unusual that the period she had was so thick and painful. We're going back in a week to see if there was a change in the level of HCG, but im too anxious to wait a week to know if im going to be a daddy or not.

She started having a large amount of clear/whitish discharge today.

Is there a chance that the heavy painful discharge she had was a miscarriage? I'm worried that it was since her HCG level is low now.

Your input is greatly appreciated and would help to ease my incredibly anxious mind.

Thanks and God Bless


One more factor to consider is that her uterus has a partial septum which from what I've read really increases the risk of a miscarriage. Just another factor to consider.