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I was found to have lymph nodes underneath my arm pits. My doctor says there is not any worry now, but request a follow up exam every 6 months. Is the reason why I have to monitor the lymph nodes is because it may have cancer? Is the lymph nodes too small to prevent cancer from spreading? I understand a lymph node is a swollen area. Does it have anything do deal with cancer? Under both arm pits there are swollen peices of skin. I do not understand if there is a concern of cancer.



Lymph nodes are very important part of our body, which is why we have lymph nodes all over our body. Do you mean that your lymph nodes are swollen under armpit? If this is the case there are several reasons for this. Most common is however some kind of infection in that part of the body. Lymph nodes tend to swell if there is something wrong with the body. However, there is a chance of cancer. Sometimes there are growths that can be cancerous. If your doctor didn’t find anything I guess he is just being precautionary. Lymph nodes get back to normal as soon as there is no more infection in the body, so if your swelling is present for long time you should go back again and do more tests.