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I have a large bump in my armpit it hurts really bad I had two but the other one poped and drained out and now its only one but its huge and I dont know what to do . I tryed hot towel and some medicine past for affected areas but nothing diffrent. It seems like its getting larger. I don't like going to the doctors so if there is anything i can do to help it and not have to go to the doctors would be great.


Hi hon: This sounds like an infected lymph node!!! When the other one drained what color fluid was it? If you have used a hot towl and still nothing - I DO advise you to go to the doctors, you might need anitbiotics or have it lanced - that said IF you totally are against going to the doctors you can try the below methods. IF it still continues PLEASE go and get some medical help for it OK? Good luck and health

1. Boil some whole cabbage leaves. When they become tender wait till they are VERY warm (but not too hot) and place them on to the lump and lay down until they cool. The cabbage has a compound in it that is also an analgesic!!

2. Boil some milk, when it has cooled a LITTLE bit, pour some over a slice of bread and then put the slice right on your armpit

3. A boiled onion placed on the boil - All of these have to be as HOT as possible without burning you skin! The onion might actually pop the boil. so be prepared for that.

Try these out and if they don't work you will need anitbiotics. Keep the armpit clean and dry and have hydrogen peroxide in warm water ready to rinse out the cavity - if it pops. Hope this helps, good luck hon!


1. TRY ICE! Focus on reducing the swelling. 15 min on, 15 off. Do this for one evening.

2. DO NOT POKE, POP, or SQUEEZE. I know, its hard, but just give it some time. Many times you reduce the swelling and it just heals. disregard this and you will just make it MORE swollen, and potentially introduce some nasty staph infection to the area.

3. Take 2 Alieve (naproxen, 225 mg each pill). Take 2 in the morning. Take 2 at night. This will help reduce swelling. Reduce swelling and you reduce pain.

4. Take 1 extra strength Tylenol every 4 hrs for pain. YES, you can take it with the Alieve. BE CAREFUL because Tylenol is EASY to overdose on in a 24 hr period. So just take 1 pill. You can take 2 your first dose if you must, but then just take 1 on the next dose 4 hrs later.

5. Put Panoxyl %10 benzoyl peroxide face wash cream on the TOP or TIP of the bump. Leave it on overnight. DO NOT USE ON A WIDE AREA. It will dry out your skin too much. Some bacterial infections, like acne's, do NOT like the oxygen that this face wash absorbs into the skin. Plus, this stuff is AMAZING and zapping cysts down to nothing overnight.

6. Keep wound CLEAN. Wipe with alcohol or witch hazel.

7. After cleaning, and when you don't have the Panoxyl on there, then use a triple antibiotic ointment. Cover with guaze.

8. If you see a hair sticking out of the cyst, you can pull it. It will HURT, but it could be the source of the swelling if it's ingrown.

9. I hope you are still icing on and off.

10. FEVER- if you get a temp of 99 or higher, YOU NEED TO GO to the DR. Fever is a sign of infection beyond that local area. It can take a few days for a lab culture to come back. In the mean time, your Dr will prescribe a broad spectrum antibiotic. If you aren't doing better in a few days, he has the lab results to put you on different meds.

What happens when you wait too long to go to the Dr if you have a fever? - You end up in the Hospital, and your infection might get SO BAD that you don't have 2-4 days to live to wait for the lab culture to come back. MRSA and more severe infections can really explode while waiting on that lab culture. So getting the fever addressed early and the lab culture done the 1st time you are at the DR will buy you some valuable time if the infection doesn't respond to the infection.

Remember, you can EASY get staph by dinking around with swollen cysts, especially if you are trying to pop it.

IF you decide to go back to the warm compress option.. TRY soaking the area in some strong warm warm water that has a epson salt and providone iodine. The water should look like dark tea water.

Usually I just soak a towel in the solution and then nuke it in the microwave for a bit.. MOVE IT AROUND before placing cause there will be hot spots.

However, if the SWELLING hurts, then put some ice on it. DON'T leave the ice on there TOO long, 15 min at a time.


Hello, my bump is not painful and I have eczema sometimes I get bumps and then they go away after a while so I'm not worried but if I pop it will I get an infection, I just want to know before I pop it.