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My lymth nodes under both arms were swollen last winter and this winter. I cannot go to the doctor, have no insuarance and do not have finances.

Also alst winter I thought they are swollen because of the flu I had, I treated myself as I couold: that is I pot bottle of warm water under armpit. Arms did not hurt

This winter they are swollen again. My arm hurts so badly ( I hope it is becasue there is not enough blood supply to my arm, becasue I am writing so keep it in upper position for whole day.)

Please say what can I do? What can it be?

Thank you


Hi Innka,

The lymph nodes tend to swell if you are sick with a flu or any other infection in the body, viral of bacterial. The thing is that the swelling will go away if you get rid of the infection on the body. I think that you immune system gets weak in the winter and it is more probe to viruses and bacteria. I would suggest you try to rest as much as you can, and try to bust up your immune system. If your immunity is on high level, your lymph nodes will be normal and there will be no swelling as well.

Are you using any medication right now? What did you use last winter?