Hello, I am concerned about a certain pain and popping sensation in my chest.
It started when I had to be admitted into hospital with suspected meningitis. I had a coughing fit and was worried that it was my asthma. I had no inhalers on me at the time but the wheezing and ability to not breath began to wear off and thats never happened before with my asthma. Shortly after, I had this terrible stabbing like pressure pain on the left side of my chest, it was as if someone was punching me or sitting on my chest. The pain was so bad that I began to sweat and drips ran down my forehead.
They sent me off for an x-ray and everything was clear although they did think I had an air pocket in my left lung but an observation from the docters suggested that it was just the way my lung was.
Ever since that day, which has been over 2 weeks now, I have had this weird popping sensation in the exact area where the pain is. Usually happens when i sit down and lean on the side where the pain is and it pops when i breath out and in. If I breath out and hold my breath, you can hear the pop going along to my heart beat. The pain still comes now and again but its not there all the time.
Im just not sure of this is my asthma playing up again or something serious.