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my 9 months old baby, today kept me worried as he was playing and stoped start shaking his head quicly as a vibration, this occured 3 times but he is healthy and seems norma can this be a kind of seizure ?


Babies sometimes have those nasty habits to do so strange things and then parents who need just a little sign that something could go wrong start to worry. My kid was giving me headache every day for the first three years. So although that strange vibration could be absolutely nothing I, as a worried parent myself, would check that. Calling a pediatrician, who is on my speed dial, is the least you can do. If he say that that is normal than relax and enjoy but pay attention if the strange behavior is going to happen again.

In case if it does than you should bother your pediatrician until he agrees to do all the necessary tests. Inform us about later events.