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Hello All

I've been having problems for about a year and a couple months now, and to be honest, they're downright scary.

Every day, i am always dizzy and lightheaded while sitting or standing up. Sometimes my hands will all tingle, or my tongue, or the bridge of my nose.

At some points i'll be on the verge of fainting but never do. During the real lightheaded spells, i'll have trouble thinking or even talking. After a meal, i'll get really sluggish. ( Feels like a lack of blood flow.. )

I've had EVERY test done on me. Every blood test, hormone test, every digestive test, etc. EXECPT for any neurological studies.

Its getting really annoying and its hard sometimes to lead a normal life, and i'm only 22!!

My doctor at first suggested SSRI uptake medicine ( Paxil, Xanax ) but then decided against it because he saw no sign of anxiety or depression, which i know is true.

I don't sit around and sulk, and worry, despite my condition.

I still get 95% grades on my exams, i'm working hard on producing a music album, and i was able to get a girlfriend all at the same time. I never want to let this take ahold of me, but lately its getting worse.

Anyone have the same symptoms, and have had them fixed?

I dont get headaches if that helps, just some short pains occasionally in the head, and then i'll feel funny.

Any advice will help.

I'm scared to go to the doctor anymore because he probably thinks im a nutball!



Since you have been completely checked over, all I can suggest is reading the other posts here, their symptoms, and my replies to them. One cause of this problem is commonly overlooked. It is a problem with the upper back and neck. I went through many symptoms of dizzy spells, light headedness, arm tingling, numbness, and it all stemmed from a problem with my muscles in my neck and upper back, the muscles were pressing on the blood vessels supplying the oxygen to my brain. I had to go to physical therapy to have soft tissue work done on me, to get this resolved. A neuro. can check certain trigger points in your upper back and neck to see if the problem may be stemming from this. Good luck


Dear Fannie,
I have had simular problems and sucessfully solved them. The first tingling episode caused one whole side of my body to be numb. It turned out that I had put my first rib out. The Osteopath had to put it back in many times. I finally started placing myself in the position he used to adjust me, on a regular basis and found that I could fix the problem myself. I started myself on stretching and very light weights after I was healed to strengthen the upper back and shoulder muscles. The second occurance, my shoulder and neck were hurting. Six weeks at the physical therapist were unsuccessful. I sought out a massage therapist that does deep tissue massage. After two not very pleasant sessions, the therapist was able to get the muscles to relax and the pain and tingling was gone. The problem was under the scapula and radiating to the neck and shoulder. Check out the book "Stretching" by Bob Anderson. It's a good place to start.
For 10 years I had unexplained problems like yours plus stabbing pain in my eyes. After spending a fortune at opthamologists I finally gave up. The pain finally developed into a recognizable condition called Occular Migrane. The neurologist suggested to use the following list to pinpoint any problem foods. I eliminated all the foods cold turkey and the problems vanished. I have since pinpointed certain ones that cause the problem. It took two years to get my system to calm down enough that I can have the offending foods about once every 3 months without much problem but for the most part I just stay away from them I'd rather feel well. Check it out.
from The Corvallis Clinic,
All of these foods have been demonstrated to contain vasoactive materials of vaying types and all have, in specific circumstances, evoked headache in patients predisposed to headache.

1. Alcohol, paricularly red wines and champagne. If you must drink. limit yourself to two normal sized drinks selected from Haute Sauterne, Riesling, Seagramm's V.O. Cutty Sark, or Vodka.
2. Excessive amounts of tea, coffee, or cola beverages. No more that two cups per day.
3. Cured meats such as hot dogs, bacon, ham, salami, pepperoni.
4. Pizza
5. Pork (no more that two to three times per week)
6. Chicken livers
7. Fatty or fried foods
8. shellfish, oysters, clams
9. Herring
10. Anything fermented, pickled or marinated.
11. Foods containing monosocium glutamate. i.e. Chinese food and many prepackaged foods oftem packaged as "Natural Vegatable Flavoring"
12. No ripened, aged, or strong cheese, particularly cheddar, Stilton, Gruyere, Brie, Camembert, Emmentaler. Permissible cheses: American, cottage, cream or Velveeta
13. Sour cream, yogurt
14. HOT fresh breads, raised coffee cakes or donuts. May be eaten when cooled.
15. Citrus fruits and juices (No more that one orange daily)
16. Banana (No more that one half banana daily)
17. Canned figs
18. Pod of broad beans (lima, navy pea)
19. Avocados
20. Onions
21. Nuts, peanut butter
22. Chocolate
Eat three well-balanced meals per day. Avoid skipping meals, prolonged fasting, or excessive ingestion of carbohydrates at any single sitting.
Be carefull sitting in bright sunlight. Wear dark blue UV sunglasses. The menstral cycle can bring on symptoms.

Sounds crazy I know, but this list comes from the neurologist at our major hospital. It worked for me.

Also, over the years I figured out that after I eat peanut butter I feel very sleepy. I used the rotation diet in "Dr. Mandels 5 day allergy relief" to figure it out. Finally after 25 years, it has progressed to a nut allergy plus many others as confirmed by the allergist. You might want to test yourself with a rotation diet (the most reliable) AND with the allergist. It could be life threatening.

Finally, check into these books, you might find the answer.
The Nontoxic Home and Office by Debra Lynn Dadd.
Nontoxic Natural, and Earthwise by Debra Lynn Dadd
Clean and Green by Annie Berhold-Bond.
I still have more ideas for you if your intrested. I know it can be a real struggle when no one believes you. But with perserverence you will figure it out. Good Luck,


Dear Alice,

Thank you very much for your support letter. I'll try to follow your instructions as much as I can. Your letter was more than informative and opened whole new sight in regards to my problem.
If you have some spare time for writing I would be very interested to hear all your ideas.
Again, thank you very much.