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I have a plantar fascitis.
what exercises can I do and cannot do?
I have already reduced my training and I know that some exercises can be done without forcing/hurting the foot.
I have to do cardio , aerobic and anaerobic exercises to keep arms torso/chest and legs trained.


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Hey Lucy.
Here are a few stretching exercises that will help you if you are dealing with plantar fascitiis pain:

swimming is a great cardio workout - it includes all your muscles in the exercise routine - and it is one of the best practices for people dealing with any kind of pain.
Good luck!  


Ouch, I have had plantar fascitis and it was very painful to get around. I would say that you should do exercise to help stretch the tendon and muscles that are affected in this condition. The thing not to do is get up the first thing in the morning and plant your feet to the floor and walk. This pulls and tears the muscle in the plantar fascitis and causes the pain you have, keeping it from healing. Before you get up, make sure you move your foot around, gently stretching the foot upward slowly. Do this while massaging the bottom of your foot. You need to warm this muscle up to begin to work it. The condition of plantar fascitis is aggravated by the foot 'curling' up during sleep, causing the muscle to shorten. By helping it lengthen gently, you will help prevent addition muscle tearing. In the meantime, swimming would be the best exercise to give you a workout with the impact on the feet.


Hello Lucy,

Exercise is one part of the treatment for plantar fasciitis - Tania gave you some links so you can see how you should do them, but generally, exercises that are recommended to do are:

  • Gentle stretching of your Achilles tendon
  • Rolling an object with the arch of your leg
  • Sitting on the chair with both feet on the ground, while you continue rising your legs - feet should stay on the floor.

Since plantar fasciitis causes your muscles to tighten during sleep or overnight, it's best that you try doing these exercises in the morning, especially if you don't take any painkillers.