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I have been laid out on the couch for a week now with severe pain in my lower back!!!!! And for the past month it continued to get worse till I got to this point. I go to the er and the and the first Dr turned me away, I went a second time and he again turned me away with a very low dosage of an anti imflamatory, I go back again last night and the Dr was very nice he found that I had a bladder infection and it was causing my authritis to act up worse. He perscribed me a steriod and gave me a shot in the butt. He also perscribed me a antibiotic for the UTI. But I am still in so much pain and no body will help me...I don't know how to get them to perscribe something stronger for me and I can't even get up to take care of my 2 babies. I know that since I am already taken a strong pain killer is why the are skeptical, but I don't know how to make them understand that I am not a drug seeker my Percocets just are are not working for me!

It's Sunday and my doc wants to get an mri and get me into a back specialist but who knows how long that could take, I am already going into my 2nd week of God Awful Pain...worse then child birth!!!!!!!!!

Someone please tell me what to do?!?!?!?!?!?!


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hey there how old are you? it sound like you have a kidney infection (which could have been caused by your bladder infection) and or Kidney stones. Stones are EXCRUTIATINGLY painful and normally cause people to vomit because of the pain. once they pass into the bladder the pain usually subsides.

you need to get this checked out. stones should show up on x-rays but cat scans and mrid can be more visible. also you need to get a Culture and sensitivity done on your urin to determin what type of bacteria is causing your bladder infection. the sensitivity will test to see whay type of antibiotic is most effective against the bacteria so that you dont waste time with ineffective antibiotics.

good luck