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My daughter has been having stomach pain for the past 6 months. She has a severe overgrowth and is now on antibiotics however the other symptoms, acute pain in left of stomach, radiating to back and chest, burning feeling in stomach, nausea, dizziness, severe fatigue, can come on after eating or she can wake up with it. Tried Previcid for 3 months, huge dose, no results, had ultrasound, looked okay, had endoscopy - had bile in stomach, weak sphincter muscle and swollen pale esophogus, she had a gallbladder scan with nothing wrong, and now the bacteria they are treating with antibiotics for two weeks. All symptoms are present still along with a fever and sore throat this week. I am at wits end and she is becoming very depressed. Any help is appreciated. I am wondering if the swollen esophogus could be because of the bacteria? She has a CBC this week and all is fine except a slight drop in Hemocrat (I think), they did check for pancreatic enzymes and all is okay, they did a mono panel and all okay..... How can we find what is causing this. The antibiotic are of no help for the symptoms. We are hoping she will test lower for the bacteria overgrowth after she is off the antibiotics for 10 days. Thank you