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My 19 year old son has been on and off sick since last November. He has been on antibiotics for Strep throat and Mono, both have come up just recently as negative. he has had a high fever for over a week now of 102, vomiting, nausea , swollen glands, weakness, fatigue. He has lost weight, we don't know what to do.We are at our wits ends with not getting any results and it just seems like he is getting worse, right now the doctor has him on steroids to reduce the swollen glands until more blood work results come in tomorrow. Help!


The symptoms you describe are typical of mononucleosis. What is atypical is the duration.

Did your son ever test positive for mono or strep?
How has his bloodwork been prior to this last test?
What meds is he on/has he been on?

Please post back with the results or any more information.

I wish him the best for a speedy recovery.