I posted a reply, and a plea, to Mette under the "salty taste" topic, and I made a separate post under that topic as well, but I also thought I would try this under a new topic, as I am desperate to find some answers.

As I mentioned in my other post, my mum is experiencing an unpleasant licorice taste in the left side of her mouth, and she has been suffering from it for several months. She also has a severe twitch in her left eye and down the left side of her face, which she has had for over 10 years now. She has seen a specialist about the twitch, and it has been determined that it is a hemifacial spasm, the main treatment for which is Botox injections that so far she has not had. Anyway, it now seems as though there is some connection between the bad taste in her mouth and her eye twitch: firstly, they are both on the same side of her face; and secondly, they both come and go, or increase and decrease in severity, at the same time. That is to say, when her eye is bad, so is the taste in her mouth; but last week, she had several days when her eye was much better, and so was the bad taste. She only recently made the connection, and it seems to make no sense really, so she hasn't seen a doctor about it yet (although she is going to try to see a dentist now). And indeed, it seems strange to me too: how can these things really be connected, especially when the onset of each symptom was separated by more than a decade? I am hoping that someone here may have had a similar experience, or know something about this. I spoke to my mum today, and her eye and mouth were so bad, that it was really getting her down, so I am desperate to help her. I live in Colorado, in the States, whereas she lives in England, so I cannot be there physically to help her; all I can do is try to find information for her. Anything anyone can share on this subject would be very much appreciated.