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I am a 18 year old male and recently have discovered a painful lump on my left testicle. I have suffered pain from this for about a week it is a small lump like a pimple and is very painful, i hope it is nothing serious because i wouldn't feel confident talking to a doctor about it :$

Cheers in Advance.


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Hi! Where exactly is your lump situated? Would you say it is inside the scrotum (a sac where the testicles lie in), on scrotum like a part of its skin, or on testicle itself?

The description may reveal many things as this can be many things. The more details you give, the better.

Why do you have problems talking to doctors? After all, it is they who can help you the most! Did you have unprotected sex lately?

If you are worried about cancer, you should know that testicular lumps usually don’t hurt but there is an exception to everything, that is why it is advised to see a doc for any lump found on genitals?

However, you could have developed an infection on or around testicle that needs antibiotics treatment and if the treatment’s not provided, the infection may progress. You could have also developed small accumulations of either fluid or semen, that are left alone if don’t cause any trouble but that are drained at the doc’s if found to be irritable.