I am 14, almost 15 years old and about two months ago, I noticed two lumps in my scrotum. One is located above my left testicle and the other is under the same testicle, maybe on the epididymis. I am aware that it is normal to feel a lump where the epididymis is supposed to be but this lump seems out of place and is bulkier than the one on my right testicle. The one above my left testicle also seems to be near epididymis. They are both painless and they seem to be on the epididymis. I am able to detach both lumps from my testicle, so I am not sure whether this could be testicular cancer. From what i have heard, any infection on the epididymis is said to be very sensitive and is often painful, but i experience no complications. I would appreciate if somebody tells me what i might have and whether or not it would be wise to visit a urologist.