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Hi, new here. I joined to find out about the procedures of the removal of my carcinoma. I was diagnosed with it last mont, and am scheduled to have it removed tommorow. I was wondering what in fact, will take place with this procedure. Thanks


Hi , welcome to SteadyHealth. I hope you get all the answers you need, and maybe even help others with your experience.

I'm sorry you were diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma. I know how that feels, i too have been diagnosed with MM (malignant melanoma) last year and went trough a biological therapy. 

Can you please tell me more about your condition and so i can provide you with a better info.

  1. How did you discover it?How was it diagnosed ( ultra sound, blood test, byopsy)?
  2. Where exactly was it located?
  3. Has it gone metastatic?(spread somewhere else, lymph nodes or organs)
  4. After it was discovered, did you do some other tests( MRI, CT scan, Blood test, tumor markers, ultra sound of abdomen or lymph nodes)?
  5. Have you been to the oncologist yet and what did he say? Any specific therapy or anything else he said?
  6. How are you feeling now after that is been discovered? Any mood changes?

Stay strong and hope to hear from you soon. 



Hi there, thanks for replying. I was diagnosed with it in October. I had it removed yesterday, hopefully its gone for good. I will attempt to send a pic of the befor and after.