I just had misscarge on june 27th 2012 than in july i got on the depo shot and i did not go back and get the shot i been off the shot for 5 months and i am trying to get pregant i have sex every day with out a comdom and i just had sex on my ovulation days now i am feeling pain in my left side and my nipples are all ways hard and even darker  i eat more and sleep more and go to the bathroom more my last period was November 22, 2012 and  my ovulation days where 2 to 8 and i had sex on all them days and i had wate it 2 weeks and took a test it came up nagative did i test to earily cuz i will not come on my period to December 18, 2012 i just need some help i am only 17 years old and i want a baby so bad becuz i lost my 1st one plzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me some