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Hey everyone

I am a 24 year old female. For the past year I been pretty consistent with going to the gym. Since I started the gym I have probably lost and kept off 10 pounds. I am 5'5 and currently way 134 pounds. THe problem is that I still have belly fat and even though I look alot better I cant seem to get the belly fat and some back fat off. I always do both weight training and cardio and I also eat pretty well.
Can anyone give me any specific guidance on this? What I can I do??? I want to get rid of all the FAT! XD


Those just might be genetic fat deposits.

I would first try a personal trainer and a very strict diet (with the supervision of a nutritionist).

If that really, really doesn't work, check out liposuction.

I've got the same kind of thing. Even if I work out like crazy, I still have a bit of belly fat.