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I’m female, 32 years old and I have some extra weight mainly in my belly area. I think I eat reasonably healthy and am avoiding junk food and late night eating, for the most part, but I’m just not managing to get those pounds that seem stuck to my belly. A friend of mine is full of praise for this vibrating exercise machine at her local gym, Flabelos, and she is convinced it’s all I need to lose my excess weight.

But, since the gym membership and the machine use are not exactly free, I’m wondering if anyone tried it and what were your results with Flabelos and weight loss, particularly in the belly area?



as long as you continue with keeping your diet as healthy as you can manage chances are you'd get the same results as far as your belly fat is concerned for free if you spent those 10-20 minutes doing  simple abdominal exercises instead.

There are evidences that exercising with some vibrating exercise machines including Flabelos will help to some people in losing weight, but I just think you'd get better results if you just focused on abdominal exercises that you can do at home instead of paying for 10 minutes for using the machine.