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I am a male, 61 years old. I am 6 ft. tall with a medium frame. I have lost 25 pounds over the last 18 months, dropping from 200 to 175.

I spin 2-3x per week. I have an hour long floor routine I do 2x per week consisting of active front and side planks, bridges and some theraband upper body work.

I have some sciatic issues that limit the things I can actively do standing or walking. However, I am fine on a bike, so I spin and ride outdoors as often as the weather permits (20- 25 miles each ride).

Still, there is a lingering "roll" around my waist that refuses to leave me. Is there any hope? lol

Any creative ideas? or just "keep on doing what I'm doing"?

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Hello with stubborn belly fat,

Belly fat is the most difficult to get rid of for everyone.  A lot of fitness trainers suggest doing fast cardio exercises like jogging in place and a wide range of body movements with the arms.  If you can do this for 5 minute intervals for about a 1/2 hours each day.  The situation is that you can't just lose belly fat but you lose all over at the same time.  In order to do that, you need to burn calories quickly.  Sounds like you can't move that quickly but try to see how fast you can move standing in one position.  Gradually increase you movement activity to were you feel comfortable with it.  Leg lifts and on the floor exercises won't help you with this.  Give it a try and I think within a week you'll see a difference.  Good luck!