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I was reading this Russian women's magazine on the plane back to the States a few days ago, and I stumbled on this really fascinated article about cabbage soup and its health benefits. Apparently, every healthy diet should include cabbage soup. It is one of the reasons why many Russian women look so wonderful and stay thin. Guess what I am having for dinner tonight?


Hello sydney337,

Cabbage is often eaten in soups, salads and stews or simply cooked as a side green.  And, of course cabbage and cabbage soup is good for you in moderation.  It is full of fiber and may cause gas and bloating if taken in large amounts.  There is a diet known as the cabbage soup diet that says you can lose 10 pounds in one week.  That may be the case but be careful, too much fiber is as bad as not enough.  If you have an under active thyroid, cabbage soup could be a problem for you.  It tends to flush out Iodine you take in your diet leaving you deficient in iodine.  This is important for the making of thyroxine, a thyroid hormone.  Excessive amounts of cabbage have also been know to generate diarrhea which will not only flush out toxins but normal flora as well creating a gastrointestinal imbalance.  So, cabbage soup is okay to diet with but in moderation.

I take in cabbage soup from time to time especially when it's cold outside but I add a lot of protein to it and a little pasta to liven it up a bit.  I do like it but I don't think that's all I could eat for days on end to lose weight with.  If you feels signs of bloating and gas think about cutting back on the amount your eating.  Consider taking in outher foods in between to bring balance back.  Cabbage is relatively cheap to buy and that's why many Russian use it but they have it everday anyway.  It is a stable just as beets are a stable.  Too many beets are not good for you either.  Many Russian women are actually over weight and not healthy because they have a poor diet.