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Has anyone heard of Ana Bruce Diet. I heard that it works and contains no pills. That alright with me¡K as long as it¡¦s natural. I have one more question- I have increased blood sugar. Is this compatible with Ana Bruce Diet?
Thanks for all answers!


Hello there,
I have experience with this diet. This Ana Bruce diet is actually The "Cabbage Soup Diet". This soup contains negligible calories and is fat-burning soup. The soup contains cabbage, onion, pelati, celery, paprika, water. Water and soup are allowed in unlimited amounts; besides the soup, there is a 7 days menu (one day vegetables, the other fruit, then vegetables, beef ¡K). It quite a starvation- I actually starved myself each day ¡K I was completely without any energy.
Then, I read or heard somewhere, that ¡§Ana Bruce diet¡¨ origins from medicine circles¡K it was used in Belgium as quick weight loss treatment for seriously overweight patients before surgery. I think increased sugar is not an opposer to this diet, because diet contains no sugar (sugar is forbidden!) and no fats.
However, I lost about 8 lbs in a week, but also all gained back. The trick with this diet is, that you cannot eat bread, spaghetti ¡K The diet is very restrictive and it¡¦s unrealistic for average body. And besides ¡K I hate cabbage soup¡K it is not tasteful ¡K maybe the first time, but you are supposed to eat it the whole week.
My suggestion is: if you need to loose some weight and waist very quickly, then I recommend Ana Bruce diet, otherwise don¡¦t torture yourself ƒº