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Over the last few months I have worked on getting into shape, primarilly for the health + living better benefits. I can now run 5km in 30 minutes every day at the gym. I just in the last week or two have reached the level to be able to run it consistently.

The problem is, that was the goal I set, and now I need a new goal.

I set the goal of 5km in 30 minutes for various reasons, one being that it is the minimum requirement expected at various police/military entrance academies. Also from research, apparently 30 minutes of cardio a day is a magic minimum number for superior health benefits.

Now I need a new goal:

- Should I stick to running just 30 minutes? If so how far should I aim to run in 30 minutes.

- Or would I see greater benefit to running longer and maintaining a certain pace. If so, how much longer should I aim to run?


Why not both? I had the same 30minute 5K goal a while back..Once I hit it, I though a 60minute 10K and a 25 minute 5k sounded like reasonable goals.

Once you do the 10K, then you will want to do a half marathon, then a full :) at least that's how it worked for me. 8O

But I liked having a speed and endurance goal.


If you can run a 5k in 30 minutes every day, you can run much faster in an all-out 5k effort. I don't know if your aim is to run as hard as you can, though. That's your decision.

If you build up the amount that you run gradually every week you will see an increase in your fitness. Also, it is highly beneficial for your fitness if you do one longer run each week. So, for example, maybe you could run 45 minutes one day. This might require you to get more rest at first, so like I said, build up gradually.