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Hi runners,

I am just embarking on my running adventure/journey.
I was a competitive athlete in my younger days and then got depressed and fat and became sedentry.

I have now overcome my emotional issues and am motivated for life and success again. I keep reading about marathons and i am soo drawn to this being a goal of mine.

BUT i need to be able to run (not jog) for 30 mins straight before even contemplating committing to the training required for a marathon.

Has anyone else started out from where i am, unfit and fat?

I currently job for about 10 mins walk for 2 jog for 10 etc) and i do this for about 45 mins but i really want to be able to actually run not jog.

what is the difference and how will i know when i am actually running

sorry if this sounds silly.

i am currently aiming for 5 x week

happy running



Most beginners want to be out running like they been doing it for years. They want to be doing 5 minute miles and sprinting like a Olympian. In reality beginners that do this end up quitting

You really should look into a couch to 5K plan. It will give you a guideline to get up to being able to "run" the distance.

I started out on a couch to 5K plan and could barley run a mile without loosing my breath. I finished that and ended up training for a marathon and finishing it.

Start training for a 5K and try a 10K or half marathon. If you train for a marathon, I would not set a goal on time. Go out an enjoy it.