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Here's my tentative race schedule for second part of the year

07/17 - Local 5K - Looking to set a PR and gauge my fitness for upcoming duathlons
07/31 - Duathlon - 5K run / 22 mi. bike / 10K run
08/08 - Dannon Duathlon - 10k run / 40k bike / 5k run
08/14 - YMCA Duathlon - 5L run / 20K bike / 5K run

The three duathlons fall on consecutive weekends. Is this something to worry about?



I have no experience in the duathalons but depending on your expectations that could be a tough stretch. If you can hold yourself back on say the middle one just to recover from the first one and get ready for the third you might be okay.

Good Luck.

Man I would love to find a duathalon down here so I could try one. The couple multi sport races I see down here are tri's.


Doable, yes.

Make sure you get enough recovery between races. Take the week as a recovery week and DO NOT do any high HR workouts. Make sure some of the workouts include some interval waork, but no real high HR. Stay aerobic.

The 3rd is gonna be the tough one after the olympic, but if you rest you'll be fine.

Good luck and take home some hardware.

Oh yeah, make sure you get FOOD very early on after the race. The 45 minute window is critical if you want to recover in 1 week. Take a slim fast or an Ensure with you to the race site and down them after the race. Make sure you get the ones with a 4:1 carb:protein ratio. get at least 500 calories. You may need 2 cans to get it.