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For the last few years, I have been feeling constantly fatigued and not like myself at all. I was also depressed. I was actually in therapy for depression for a while, and was even considering drugs for that. Now, I read up about hypothyroidism and I think that this is what I might have. I actually feel relieved to know that I might have a hormonal imbalance that can be easily solved, rather than depression. What is the best drug for hypothyroidism?


Hi, thought I'd through some advice your way regarding your 'symptom' of constant fatigue and the depression.

Although hypothyroidism can cause those symptoms there are other reasons too. Just because you happen to read about ONE thing doesn't mean that you have it.

What first needs to be determined is 'WHY' you have those symptoms... And what's causing it to manifest in your body... then, and only then you can apply the solution.

So,... I'll let you know what I think. But at the bare minimum I need answers to a few (peculiar)questions back when the fatique began:

1) Did you get any tooth cavities filled prior or at the time of the symptoms?

2) Did you take any antibiotics prior or at the time of the symptoms?

3) What's your age?

4) Are you male or female?

5) Do you go outdoors much and get into the sun or are you indoors most of the time?

6) Tell me as much as you can about your diet.

7) Are you a water guzzler or do you seldom drink water?

8) Are you more fatigued after you eat or is it the same?

There... that'll get me started so I can somewhat see what's happening. Yes, I realize the question were somewhat weird but if you care to respond we can continue...