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I am going to try to make this short, but it may be long, sorry, but I'm seeking ways to help. :( Please any answers, to stop this, I don't want to end the relationship, it's the best I have ever had, he makes me happy and accepts me. Please respond. <3

I've had a really rough past as far as relationships go, but I never let it get to me, and I never let it hurt me so much for so long, once when I was complaining about this one ex who cheated on me, to a friend she told me I should meet one of her friends, we'd make a good couple because we act so much alike. (We're pretty much exactly the same: Music taste, sense of style, ways we act in school, our humor, etc.)

I got to meet him, finally.
We started by IM'ing each other, then moved on to texting, then talking on the phone, FaceTime, going out on little dates and so on.
I was beginning to grow feelings for him, as so was he, he was and still is a sweet, amazing, funny guy.

Yes, we're dating now. :) And I know in my heart, somehow he is different, and he knows I am too.
I actually introduced him to my parents. I know that may not be big for most people, but I have really strict parents, so when I normally get a boyfriend, I never let them meet him unless I know it will be serious. He also introduced me to his mom, dad, and sister. Which is rare for him too. Although his parents are divorced, I was blessed to be able to meet them both, he lives with his mom, so she's the one who is more involved in his life. And it's cute because she says he never let her meet his girlfriends, and with me he actually invites me out to eat with them, and over to his house too.

His sister likes me too, she is always calling me pretty, and we crack jokes together and all, his mom always calls me beautiful, nice, and weird (in a good way, because of my odd sense of humor).

He says he knows I'm different because he has never felt this way, he instantly fell for me from the start. That now he knows 'the girls he has said he loved, he never truly actually did, because it was nothing compared to what he feels with me.' I know in my heart too that he is different, I've never cared about someone so much, and fell for someone so easily, it usually takes me 3 months or so to like someone, or I'm completely awkward around them!

But everything comes so naturally, and easy with my current boyfriend...

Yesterday was a month-sary for us, and

 he asked me: So another month, how does it feel to be with a shitty guy like me ? (;
Me: you're not poopy! and well sometimes you can mean , (jokingly) c; but it's okay cause I love you. <3
-He just completely lost it, he called me crying asking why I put up with him, he is such a screw up, He finally finds someone gorgeous, perfect, funny, and amazing in every way and he treated me like sh*t. He even said he 'should've killed himself a long time ago..' .

I felt so bad, it took me 30 minutes to calm him down, I reassured him if he has ever done something like that , I would've never met him or would've been so happy as I was today without him.

We slept on it and woke up (still our Month-sary, as this has happened at midnight)
I was at my friends house, the girl who introduced us.
I texted him telling him I was there with a  (: face and he just replied "."
I asked what was wrong and got no response.
While I was talking to my other friend at her house, she stops me and says "dude guess what your boyfriend just texted me saying"
Me: what?
She showed me the text "I think today's the day I should kill myself."
she replied, she was freaking out, I was too, but I appeared calm, on the inside I wanted to flip the sh*t out of everything in her room, and bash stuff in to the wall. (Which is odd because I'm normally a calm person)

He wasn't texting her back, Me , my two friends, and some other guy kept calling his phone, but he won't answer.

Finally I had to go back to my other friends house because it was getting late, as we were walking out the door she said "I'm really worried" and hugged me, I was about to cry but don't like crying in front of people...

I kept texting him, nd finally he texted back "i love you" and called me, I asked whats wrong he said don't worry, I sorta yelled "How can I not worry !"

The next morning (Which was this past day) he talked as if nothing had happen, but last night and all today he was having major mood swings from happy, sad, to mad and mean.

I'm going to go over to his house today and spend time with him and his family, and make sure he is okay, but I'm scared.

I don't know who to turn to, not my parents, because of religious reasons they would lose all respect for him, I feel so hopeless sometimes..

I don't know how I did it before, but I can't imagine life without him anymore..


you two are ment for each other and i i wish i could meet smeone like that. i would alert his parents but tell them to not go full on about it as hard as it may be and to just have a talk with him and see whats up. you need to get toghether and convince him that you two are meant to be and tha he has never done anything wrong to you and all you want is for him to be happy.
i would try the second thing forst before saying anything to his parents i know mine would go ape sh*t on me.  


Thank you for replying Peter , and thanks for that , it made me smile so much . (:

Well , when I went over everything was absolutely PERFECT . It sucks cause he is moving this week , even farther away though :( .

Lately , it has been going good but I know it won't be the last time he acts like this . So I am still scared , I reassure him all the time that I'm lucky to have him and he says the same about me .

I just wish he won't get all depressed and have an anxiety of losing me , and thinking I'm going to leave him for someone better , how can I stop that ? :/ no matter how many times I tell him i wont , he gets scared about it all the time .