My ex boyfriend and i were together for three months. He told me he loves me o our first week and wanted me to move in with him. I was an exchange student so we only had three months together then i was gonna be away for three months and come back for four months in the summer. He was the best person ive ever seen in my life to me. Always telling me how much he loves me and how serious he is with me. He introduced me to his family and we looked for plane tickets and everything for him to meet my parents in my country which he asked for. Then out of blue one day i found out he was lying to me about going to work for 2 weeks when in reality he was too scared to go to work because nothing was going as he expected. And he lived in his own lie for two weeks. Then he cried and apologized a thousand times and i forgave him. One week before i leave in the afternoon everything was amazing, just in couple hours when he was supposed to be at his side job bar work, he started to completely ignore me. Hours later i found him flirting with another girl i got mad at him for hours and al he said was im sorry but deep down i always thought this is not gonna work im so scared, you're leaving me already. He didnt want me back, he wanted me gone. Just couple days ago when i asked him about are we gonna make it work or break up because i have my doubts he said "no i love you so much we'll make this work etc." And just in couple hours he turned into this. Later that evening i busted him i even found out that he messaged to the girl i busted him with, he was saying i can explain everything tomorrow she was just a distraction for three months after my 5 years ex, she's leaving next week then we're done etc. I also want to mention that his dad left him when he was 14 and his mom never took care of him and was in prison for 2 years. He was raised by his grandma who didnt really show him affection, so there is definitely some bad stuff effected him when he was growing up. He is also very fond of hard drugs. When i asked did you ever love me he claims that he truly loved me but i just cant understand how can you love someone one day and then stop loving them after couple of hours. Is it possible that he is bipolar or is he just the worst person alive? Please help.