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Me and my boyfriend been dating for three years going through ups and downs. But lately we been getting into many fights dealing with him accusing me of cheating.and lying. When all I do everyday is tell him I love him and he is my whole world. And he is the guy I want to be with. We been planning our future together for months now but it seems we can't get over the whole trust issue. Yes we both lied to each other and cheated but some how we been staying together and being strong. I have gotten of the whole issues and now I trust with with all my heart but somehow he still thinks I'm cheating after three years. And now recently we had an argument because my friend texted me that was a guy and knowing he is a jealous type, he broke up with me. And now I'm going crazy because its been four days without seeing each other. And when I ask him if we can meet up he will agree but as soon as his friends ask him to go somewhere he would leave me for them. I guess I'm just second to his friends.. i have tried texting him but he always seems to start a fight with me. Still thinking I'm cheating. I still tell him I love him but all he would say is nothing. And sometimes I would ask if he wants to try again but he would just say ......yeah. I don't know if he truly wants this, or maybe I should just stop trying and let it be.


Hi Guest,

I'm not sure how old you both are, it does matter for a response.

I will tell that no matter your ages, trust issues will destroy a relationship.

If you're talking about your future together, as in marriage, then maybe he's scared.  Scared of being tied down, having responsibilities, becoming a dad, all that.  He might not want to "grow up" and have to stop hanging with his friends.

It does sound as though he's jealous. 

I know you've invested three years with him but people DO change, especially when they're young.  Maybe it isn't meant to be. 

You've both cheated in the past so this hasn't been a perfect relationship.

Let it go.  Maybe he'll realize what he's got.  Maybe you'll find someone else that does trust you. 

Good luck.