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hi guys i need some answers! i have had this big bump for almost 8 months on my inner leg, it has gotten to almost the size of a quarter. i didnt really think anything of it until the last month or so when it was really bothering me, previously it hurt when i tried to pop it or figure out what it was......well just recently i was sitting down and i realized that it hurt more than normal so when i went to check it out there was puss at the tip of the had never looked like this most of the time its just big and red. Well when i went to see if i could get the puss out it took some pressure but i finally some thick white looking puss to come out, but it also came out with blood...... i thought when i popped it it would finally go away but its even more inflammed now than it was before

because it is the first time that there has been puss and blood coming out of it i am a little concerned and a little too embarrased to ask my doctor about it

This bump is nothing like the small sweat bumps i occasionally get when i wear short shorts or dresses and i was thinkin it could be maybe a flea bite (cause my dogs are inside and outside dogs). i have treated it as though it might be a flea bite but nothing ever worked and so i dont know what else it could be

if anyone has any answers i would love your help!

please and thankyou,



im not sure but i think it may be a boil? and flea bites are just heaps of tiny red bites i had them because of our cats. search up boils see if thats what it looks like and if so go to the doctors see what they think and possibly put some very very hot bread onto it. and when i say hot bread i dont mean toast ok! :) i know the boil thing and flea bites both from experience and i'm only 15 :) im sure it'll be fine. just make sure you go to see a doctor.