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Hi all,

I have this problem that's been happen for a few months now maybe a year I don't remember.  Every morning  I have this problem where I cough like crazy, sometimes to the point where I start gagging.  Usually it starts after I take a deep breath and I feel this cool/tingling menthol almost feeling (very hard to explain what it feels like) that makes me cough usually deep hard coughs.  They are dry coughs too with nothing coming up or rattling around in my lungs.  The feeling feels like it's located more towards the top of my bronchial tubes rather than in my throat.   I don't smoke but I do have friends I used to hangout with frequently that do.  Any Ideas?



Its natural, happens to alot of people depending on location and environment. The carbon dioxide and harmful dirty air is painful on the throat, mainly due to the just waking up body.