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When I blow my nose today, I see the different color of my snot. I have a season allergy and  it won't go away for months. A few weeks ago I have blood in my snot and today I saw it was black. I do have a hard time breathing some time and been coughing when that happen. I don't smoke, drink and used any kind of drug.


Are you not a smoker? Well, this is odd because this snot color is usually because you are smoking too much. But also, you can be a so-called passive smoker to meet with this. Also, sometimes the blood is coming from our noses because of the high blood pressure, and when blood from your nasal lining dries, it can mix with the mucus and turn brown or black, that can be a case as well. But brown mucus isn't always because of blood, so that is why I recommend you visit your doctor and so some tests in order to see what this is about.