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I don't know if I can explain this well but here goes -

For months now I have been having issues with my nose.
I can crack it like a double joint when I touch the bridge (no pain when doing this but it does feel good because it seems to open up the passage ways) and if I push on one side of the nose and the other side I can hear heaps of snot. I can blow and blow and get heaps out only if I push a cotton tip inside my nose. When I blow most times its clear but other times its little runny lumps that are white/yellow. My nose always feels blocked! When I use a cotton tip I can feel what I think its the bone and if I touch it then it really hurts and at times a small amount of blood comes out. I know using a cotton tip is stupid but its the only way I can get anything out my nose. Some times my face goes a tiny bit numb for a moment while doing that as well. At times I think I can smell chlorine when I really start blowing. I have not been for a swim for 2-3 years! I also have constant phlegm that comes up in thick clumps and yellowish. At times It tastes like salt.

Im a smoker
Im overweight - very much so.
I have high BP
I have arthritis

Does anyone have any idea on what this might be?
I hope people can understand what Im saying - it is hard to explain.



well like i said i dont know if this is the real problem with your nose but me i have been suffering the same symptoms as well.. i had visited my local doctor and my doctors had informed me that i might have a sinus infection and/or big junks of mucus in ur noes grouped in your sinus known as polyps.. like u say i blow my nose quite frequently but... my nose had gotta incredibly congested for months and months and it would not disappear.. as soon as my local doctor prescribed to me a nasal spray known as nasonex my nose has been feeling less congested, less stuffiness, and i even had gotten my sense of smell back the only thing is even though i feel that the nasal spray is taking affect the doctor recommends taking the nasal spray for approximately 2 - 3 months continuously only to ensure that the sinus's do not get congested and stuffiness again...