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I just had a baby,and I'm having blood clots coming out of my nose im a cigarette smoker,Is this why?


Hello terri,

There are many reasons for nose bleeds.  Sometimes it's due to cold weather causing the nasal passage to dry creating irritation and bleeding.  Sometimes its because you scraped the inside of your nose.  Cigarette smoking can definitely do that.  Sometimes you end of breathing in the smoke through your nose.  This irritates the mucus membranes and can cause them to bleed.  You might want to clean up your nose of bit.  A simple way to do this is to use salt water.  There are nasal sprays for this at your pharmacy and they are inexpensive.  Make sure you squirt the salt water towards the back of your nose and let the salt water drain down your throat.  There are other nasal sprays that use botanicals to moisten the mucus membranes in your nose and they work well too.