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i recently had my tonsils removed about 2 months ago because of my constant bad breath and tonsiloths. i no longer have the tonsiloths but im still experiencing bad breath. i brush my teeth and my tongue (as best as i can without gagging) time after time each day and it wont go away. The smell is coming from the back of my tongue and throat, any hep or advice will be awesome ill be turning 21 soon and i need to be able to talk to girls at the bar.


It's possible that you're still getting bad breath from your adenoids. They have crypts just like your tonsils that can breed tonsil stones and cause bad breath.

A sure fire solution to tonsil stone related bad breath is grapefruit seed extract gargled three times a day for at least 7 days and you'll be bad breath free i PROMISE!

Thanks and good luck at the bars =] - Josh Katherman