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I don't know where nor how to start... so I'll just shoot it straight:

About a month ago I started having difficulties holding my urine, I had to go a lot more to the bathroom than I normally go (like twice as many times) then, a couple of weeks ago, I noticed I was leaking a little bit even though I kept going to the bathroom a lot, I thought it was probably due to the huge amounts of stress I've been having. But just 15 minutes ago, while I was masturbating (maybe a little harshly) , blood began to flow out of my urethra.

I'm currently at a business trip and I won't be able to go to the doctor until next week; but I'm worried that this could be a sign of prostate Cancer. is that possible? 

I'm 23 years old and there's a little history of cancer in my family (but only on female members so far aside from a stomach cancer my smoking grandfather had)

is there anything I can do until I go to the doctor? does it look serious enough to try and comeback earlier?

Thank you.


Hi Mike,

Do you have any other symptoms?

It could be a UTI, or urethritis.  It does not have to be cancer.  You'd be young for prostate cancer.

No, there is nothing you can do.  See your doctor.

Hope it helps.


I thought I was too young for prostate cancer too, but a bleeding penis is shocking enough to want all the second opinions in the world.

As for other symptoms; there's neither pain nor itchiness, no swelling and nothing visible on the skin. if anything, urine is slightly darker than usual, but I haven't noticed any smell being stronger.

Thank you!


Hi Mike, I agree with the medic. Also, blood from the urethra oft and on for a month is cause for concern. You're too young for CA of the prostate, but other medical issues can cause bleeding. 'the leaking a little bit' generally indicates some degree of inflammation which may be a UTI. The bleeding indicates something internal is happening; you may not notice anything abnormal on the condition or colour of the skin on your penis. Get checked out, soon. Good Luck