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Two days ago while I was showering I got an itch,while scratching my scrotum I noticed that there was a small wound,like a blister(one without liquid).The wound has a whitish scab and a red rash around it(probably because of my scratching).It does'n hurt or itch usually,but it does itch when I wash it or because of moisture(when I sweat).It seems to be just like a scab,but it leaves a residue on my underpants(kind of white,not to much,but it's noticeable).I'm not sure why this happened but it's 100% not a std.Could wearing tight underpants cause this,or sitting to much on a chair(about 15 hours a day)?Any advice?


Not to be nosy (and I'm sorry if I am) how are you so sure that it's not an STD? I think that it sounds quite a bit like it could be a syphilis sore. If you are certain it's not an STD, then it sounds like it's a sore or something like that. I think that it would be a good idea to have a dermatologist take a look.

Please let us know what your diagnosis is. Thanks!