To begin ive been having a period for 10 yrs now, ive always been very in tune with my body, but lately im so confused! My periods have always been a little irregular so when sept came n i didnt get my period (16th) i didnt think anything of it, but once the 30th came and still nothing i became concerned. I took 3 hpts. First one was negative, second a faint positive, third negative. I called my dr and had an apt this past fri, she did an ultrasound through the abdomen and pointed out to me my gestational sac. However since my dr said she isnt fully certified to do transvaginal ultrasounds she gave me a refferal to have one done, my apt for that is this coming fri 11/02. Today while at work the office called and said the blood work came back negative and no need to have the transvaginal one done. This wasnt planned and quite honestly never wanted it to happen for at least 10 yrs but after seeing the gestational sac i grew excited and finally told my family, all of whom are also very excited. I just dont know what to think after receiving the phone call today. Im still having so many pregnancy signs... I think i should still have the transvaginal one done anyways?? Anybody have answers please? Any advice is more than welcome