I am a 15 year old male and i, for a few weeks, have been having somewhat bloody stool (which is not all the time, maybe 40% of the time) which does not cover all of it and is not "bright" in color i guess but is a little bit like the dark red in the tool bar in paint (if you have it on your computer) and it DOESN'T make the water a brownish color It is always part of the stool and doesn't just come out. I don't eat radishes or anything red i think for that matter also when i sit for periods of times i get extreme gas and is embarrassing in public because usually i can hold gas in but this is almost like i can't (i AM able to hold it in but i fell like, O god, its gonna happen now) i have a little bit a discomfort in my stomach or intestines but no real pain. before the bloody stool started though i would feel in my stomach like someone was dropping a small weight from somewhere in my stomach to some where lower down. It didn't hurt but it felt weird. This stopped about the time i started having bloody stool.

Any help would be great.